About RIPE NCC Moscow regional meeting 2009

RIPE NCC Regional Meetings bring together RIPE NCC members, local governments, key players in the global and local Internet industry and RIPE NCC staff. These two-day events are free of charge and open to everyone. Regional Meetings help the RIPE NCC learn about the technical, administration and policy issues that affect members and Industry organisations in a particular geographical region.

RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Moscow will take place in the hotel Marriott Grand, 17-18 of September 2009. The forthcoming meeting will be held in Russian capital for the sixth time and this year more than 150 participants are expected to attend the event.

The key topics of the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting 2009 in Moscow include discussions about IPv4 address space distribution in the situation of its shortage and questions concerning perspectives of IPv6 implementation. Also attendees will review the summary of RIPE NCC activities for the year from the previous Moscow Meeting.

The first day of the Meeting will be held in a conference-style and finished by gala dinner devoted to the 20-years’ RIPE anniversary. The agenda of the second day includes tutorials concerning IPv6 issues.